CVS Rainchecks

by admin on December 13, 2014

CVS Rainchecks

CVS Rainchecks

A lot of people don’t realize the many ways in which CVS helps its customers out, whether by saving them money or helping them find what they need. Many have no idea that CVS even offers rainchecks and if they have heard of them, they’re not sure what exactly they are or what they do. This puts customers at a serious disadvantage and keeps them from taking advantage of the sales from which the company actually wants them to benefit.

Simply put, a raincheck allows you, the customer, to get sale items at sale prices even when those items are out of stock. Usually when a store has a big sale, you can expect that the hot items will be gone within moments of their doors opening. This is often the case with CVS’ sales featuring really great deals. The only condition for getting a CVS raincheck is that 1) the sale ad has not yet expired (that is, the sale is still current) and 2) the store is out of the sale item.

Once these two requirements are met, the cashier will provide you with the red and white raincheck. This raincheck will have the sale price, household limit, and similar information on it. Once the cashier has filled out the paper, you will be able to redeem this raincheck whenever the item is in stock again, even if this doesn’t happen until after the sale is over with. The raincheck doesn’t expire, but it can only be used/redeemed once.

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