Dividing Out Transactions

by admin on February 11, 2013

Coupon Haul There will be times that you just know you might run into an issue. Did Tylenol go on sale for $1.99 and you just happen to have 200 coupons for $1 off that can be doubled? There just might be a limit to how many of the same item can purchased in one transaction. There are actually several stores that have a doubling policy that only applies to 2-10 items per transaction. Most stores do not have a per person policy though.

Another instance that can make you divide out transactions are those store promotions for a $10 off a $50 purchase. Remember that when you use coupons, they are considered a form of payment, so the $50 is the before coupon and tax price. If you are buying $200 retail worth of stuff, you will miss out on $30 if you ring it all together.

So, the way you work this is to plan out how many items need to be on each transaction. Have a plan before you reach the belt and tell the cashier what you are doing so you don’t end up with a mess.

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