What is a CVS Raincheck? How Does it Work?

by admin on March 27, 2013

CVS Raincheck

CVS Raincheck

A “raincheck” is a red and white piece of paper used by CVS customers to get sale prices on items that run out of stock during these sales. This allows all consumers who are loyal to the company to benefit from these sales, rather than only the ones who make it to the store fast enough. When you go to your local CVS with the sales ad and find that the item you want isn’t available, simply talk to a cashier about this. They can set you up with one of these rainchecks, which will list the necessary sale information like the item’s new price, the household limit for this item, and whether you can use Extra Care Bucks in addition to it.

After that, you’re all set. You can check in regularly to see if the product is back in stock, or you can even toss the raincheck aside for months until you really need it. Luckily, these papers don’t expire. You can even save yours until you have other coupons or there’s another sale that would allow you to combine the raincheck with it for even more savings. Rainchecks don’t need to be used at the original location either. If you’ve got one from Ohio but happen to be in New Jersey when you see the item and have your raincheck with you, you can redeem it right there if you want.

As you can see, rainchecks are super convenient and can even help you out more in the long run. If you’re someone who’s impatient about waiting for the product you want, CVS restocks its items rather regularly, weekly and sometimes even more frequently than that so have no worries!

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