I come from a long line of Garage Sale women – my mom and my aunt have an annual garage sale and I have two a year. I am also a crazy couponer (I sell my stock pile twice a year).

Here are 10 Tips on how to have a great Garage Sale:

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize! – there is a lot of organization that goes into having a garage sale – not only with the things that you are going to include for sale, but also you need to be organized with signs, advertising techniques, etc.
  2. Signs, Signs, Signs – Be sure to have excellent signage – as with any product, if you are not known you are not found! Be sure you are known, so people can find you and BUY!
  3. Advertise – There are a lot of ways to advertise for free – like through Facebook and Craig’s List. You can also advertise in the paper, that’s your call based on your community. Frankly, I wouldn’t spend the money because many people look for ads on Craig’s List for Garage Sale. It is very important to include big item specific names in that listing so that searchers on Craig’s List can find you!
  4. Discounts – If you have your garage for 3 days – you might consider dropping everything to 50% off the last day or the 2nd to last day to help clear house!
  5. Donate – When your sale is done, find a local charity group that will pick up your Garage Sale leftovers – after all, Garage Sales aren’t only for making money – but to get rid of stuff! Get it out the door for good by scheduling a pick up when it is over with.
  6. Rules – Many homeowner associations have rules around Garage Sales, so be sure to check with your city to see what the rules are and be sure to abide by them so that you can enjoy your sale.
  7. Email List – If this is your first or fifth Garage Sale, you always want to have an email list. We have a huge email list and if our sale starts on a Thursday, then we shoot out an email with details of the sale on a Tuesday evening and then re-send it on Wednesday as a reminder. You also want to include the list of big ticket items and brand specific items you have for sale to entice them to come!
  8. Don’t Hesitate – Don’t doubt that something will not sell in a garage sale! I have been amazed by the things that sell that I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for!
  9. Clearly Marked Pricing – One of the most annoying things about having a garage sale is being asked how much something is when you are trying to help 5 other customers. Be sure to mark everything – whether it’s with a color sticker that designates a number or if it’s a numerical sticker that tells you the exact price – doesn’t matter – as long as it’s marked!
  10. Have Fun! – This is the most important step! You’re making money and getting rid of stuff and cleaning up your stuff! Have fun in the relief!

Are you looking to have a Stockpile Garage Sale?  You might be interested in checking out our book, The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale.

Here are some videos that might give you a few more tips: