Whenever I need to print a coupon from coupons.com, I go through Swagbucks to do it.  Why?  Because when I redeem the coupon I printed at the grocery store or at CVS or wherever I am shopping that accepts them, I will get 10 cents back in the form of 10 Swagbucks.  It takes a bit to get the Swagbucks in your account, but it’s a nice surprise when they appear.  So, when you see my CVS hauls explained and I have a random 10 cents on one of the line items, this is why!


Sign up for Swagbucks (print your Coupons.com coupons through this site, it’s free).  Use code “GUIDETOCOUPON” when you sign up to get 70 Swagbucks in addition to the 30 you get when you complete your profile, etc.

Here’s a more general video of how Swagbucks works: