Nature Made on ClearanceOne of the best places to check first when entering a store is the clearance rack. You never know when you may be holding a coupon for an item that is one their rack and can walk away with it for dirt cheap or even free. If you don’t have a coupon for it, don’t buy it. You can always save on a similar item instead. A coupon diva has to always be aware of the next deal around the corner. Sometimes half off is just not good enough.

Most of the time there is nothing really wrong with items on clearance. Stores have to keep the best sellers on their shelves because they can’t keep space for every product being produced. There is only so much shelf space even in the mega stores and no one can keep up with all of the new stuff out there. Imagine how big that store would have to be!

It is true that there can be a problem with the products there. Sometimes a box has been crushed or the expiration date is near, so do check the items carefully. However, chances are they are making room for new stock and these deals are a perfect candidate for your extreme couponing plan.

Have you raked in the deals by using coupons on clearance items?  I wanna hear about your deals!  Please leave a comment below and tell me about your clearance coupon haul!