Family Dollar Flyer with Store CouponsThe beginners guide to couponing will help you recognize good coupons. Without good coupons you can’t begin your savings. One place to start looking is your local store sale ads. These can be helpful in 2 ways. You can often find valuable deals to couple with your coupons, and you can use the ad at any Walmart if you don’t feel like going to that particular store.

Be prepared before you go to the store. Make a list along with your store ad and the deals that you have clipped. This is to ensure that you stay on budget and only purchase items that are on sale and match your list. Never purchase anything that isn’t on sale or that you don’t have a saving for.

Try to go alone to the store. You never want to take your kids with you. We all know how kids are. They will throw items in your cart that you don’t have on your list or that you don’t have a coupon for. This will end up costing you money in the long run. Take your time and always check and match the sale to your deal. This the beginners guide to saving money.