Blinkie CouponHow does one start to coupon? What are the steps? Couponing 101 begins with being organized. You have to be organized if you want to be successful at coupons. The second trick to is get as many Sunday inserts as you can. The more you have the more saving you can get.

You also need a deal binder or coupon holder. This is essential in having your offers organized and easy to access. You want to be able to find your deals in a hurry to save money.

Make a list by going through your grocery store ad. Stick to this list and never purchase anything that isn’t on sale or that you don’t have a coupon for. This is many beginners mistake. The big savings 101 rule is if you don’t have a offer, then you don’t purchase it. When you stick to this rule you will save money.

You also want to purchase lots of an item when it goes on sale and when you have many offers for that item. You can stock pile all your items when you purchase in bulk. This is how you will save. Being a beginner you will learn all the tricks to couponing. In no time at all you will be an expert and successful.

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