Nature Made B1G1A common question beginners have about how to coupon is actually WHERE to coupon. Sometimes a guide to couponing will ignore this question, because as advanced couponers, the answer seems obvious. This, of course, is an incorrect assumption. To help you out, we’ve provided a list of the type of stores that accept coupons. On the list you’ll find some places you expected…and maybe some you didn’t.

Grocery Stores: General grocery stores are typically happy and ready to accept your coupons. There are many larger chains in this category, including Kroger and Safeway. Smaller, regional grocery stores tend to accept coupons as well.

Mass Merchandisers: Larger stores that include a grocery section as well as other departments like clothing, and electronics, often take coupons too. Some of the most popular examples are Walmart, Kmart, and Meijer.

Drug Stores: Although they are smaller than the stores listed above, drug stores are often amazing places to coupon. In addition to accepting coupons, many have store rewards cards that help you get even better savings. Prime examples are CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

Dollar Stores: Most people don’t see dollar stores as a likely place to coupon, but yes, many dollar stores accept coupons and some even have their own store coupons. Two examples are Dollar General and Family Dollar. In addition, recently the Dollar Tree (the store where everything costs $1) started accepting coupons too!

Of course there are too many stores to list (thousands!), but these are the categories where coupons tend to be accepted. Do you know of a store in your area that is not on the list above? The best ways to find out if a store in your area accepts coupons are (1) to call them and ask, or (2) to do a Google search for ‘*store name* coupon policy.’ Any store that accepts coupons will have a specific policy, so by doing this search you will find out if the store accepts coupons AND what special rules apply at the store.