A proper guide to couponing must always explain the coupon itself, because knowing how to coupon is more than just finding coupons and going to the store. Without understanding the details of the coupon, you may incorrectly use a coupon Target Couponand have an embarrassing check-out experience – and nothing can be more discouraging to a beginner than having coupons rejected. To avoid a check-out mishap, make sure you read the coupon completely, especially the following areas.

Top of Coupon: The top of the coupon has information about the expiration date and whether the coupon is a manufacturer coupon or a store coupon. First, make sure the coupon hasn’t expired. Next, use this rule of thumb: if the coupon says “manufacturer” it can be used wherever accepts coupons, but if the coupon says a particular store, it can only be used at that location.

Middle of Coupon: In the middle you will find the details about the coupon which include: the brand, the specific product you must buy, the amount you will save, and the quantity you have to buy to get that savings. Read this information carefully and do not just go by the picture! When you’re in the store, make sure you have the correct product and quantity required to redeem the coupon.

Bottom of Coupon: At the bottom of the coupon you’ll see the ‘fine print.’ There is typically a ‘Consumer’ section and a ‘Retailer’ section. Read through the Consumer section because it applies to you! One important thing that you will find in the fine print is the number of coupons you can use per purchase and per transaction.

It is a good idea to pay particular attention to the top and bottom of the coupon before you go to the store. Do not bring expired coupons, and do not bring more coupons than you are allowed to use (unless you are doing multiple transactions). When you’re at the store, re-read the middle of the coupon to make sure the product you are putting into your shopping cart matches the requirements of the coupon. These tips will help you avoid check-out embarrassment and save extra money on your shopping bill.