So you’ve caught the extreme couponing itch and your birthday is fast approaching. You’ll receive gifts from family and friends of course, but what about your favorite grocery, clothing, and music stores? Wouldn’t it be great not only to receive presents from loved ones, but also your local Italian food restaurant? That’d be the icing on the literal and metaphorical cake, right? Well, we’ve got some news for you: this is completely possible and easy to achieve.

To keep customers interested and happy, many businesses have allowed them to sign up online to get birthday freebies. What better way is there to win loyal customers than to give them a free product on the celebration of their birth? There are both chain stores and local businesses that offer these kinds of discounts, as well as completely free products, meals, and tickets. For example, the chain restaurant Applebee’s offers a free entree or dessert when it is your birthday. Lone Star Steakhouse gives its customers a free appetizer on their birthdays. Panera Bread lets you choose a pastry to get for free.

These freebies don’t just come from restaurants either. Sephora is a store that specializes in selling high quality cosmetics and they offer customers free makeup. Redbox lets people rent DVDs for cheap, and on your birthday, you will receive a free rental. Petco even allows you to get a pet treat of your choosing. CVS gives out a free $3 in ExtraBucks Rewards. For a complete list of all the discounts you can take advantage of, check out this list of birthday freebies in 2013.