Couponing StockpilePeople that get really good at extreme couponing have experiences like walking away with hundreds of dollars of products for pennies. Oftentimes people fill up a room or other parts of their house with these products. When you get to that point, some consideration should be given to giving back.

Food banks, shelters, and halfway houses that provide programs to help people get out of a domestic violence situations, away from drug addiction or to start over after making poor decisions that resulted in being in jail, are in a constant state of needing items. These places are often maxing out their budgets just to try to help the increasing amount of people struggling under the weight of bad job availability and soaring inflation.

You may not realize how much those rolls of toilet paper and cans of green beans can help, but you should because you saw the savings as the cashier was ringing it up. For these places, they may not realize or have the time to consider couponing for a way of life. However, you as the enlightened, could really help your community by donating all or part of a shopping trip.

Another idea would be to check the things that are getting close to expiring and giving those away. Most of these places will use the items up quickly and that way they will not go to waste if your family cannot use them in time. Each person makes a difference in a community. Consider sharing the savings with those in need.