It might seem a little confusing at first, but you can totally buy items using coupons and then profit from them. This is probably one of the best, little known aspects to couponing. One store that allows for this is CVS Pharmacy. CVS has an Extra Care Bucks program, which acts as a debit card within the store. When you buy certain items, CVS will credit you with Extra Care Bucks.

So how do you start taking advantage of this? Remember that you still need some coupons to make money using this method. This Guide to Couponing video shows you how it works, but we’ll also explain it. Say there is an item you don’t particularly want, but you have a coupon for. In the video, the example is Tena panty liners and there is a $1 off coupon for this particular product. The panty liners are originally $3.79, but will be $2.79 after you use the coupon. Now, CVS gives $3 in Extra Care Bucks to your account when you buy this item. In this way, you have made a profit of 21 cents. This doesn’t seem like much at first, but if you are doing this with multiple items, it can really add up. This is also great for people who have a lot of coupons but don’t really have any use for the items being advertised.

Now to avoid hoarding all of these items for too long, you can donate them to charities or to friends. You can also gift them to friends – this comes in handy during the holidays. You can even make more money later by having a yard sale to get rid of all of these products. Check out The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How to Guide for tips and tricks to use when selling large amounts of items.