Couponing for your ChurchCreate a Coupon Template for Fundraising

Is your church having a fundraiser? Do you need to come up with an excellent way to raise money for this fundraiser? You can do this by creating a coupon template. What is a template? This is a paper you create on your computer so that you can be creating a coupon for a service you are offering for your fundraiser. You can create different deals for a bake sale for your church. Have the deals say buy one pie and get the second pie for half price. This is not only a great way to bring more business to your bake sale, but also offer a deal for those attending the bake sale, encouraging them to return to the next event.

Using coupons for your church, school or any function you are associated with will only bring extra business. Many people are on a budget and look for a ways to save money. They will use your offers and this will bring people to your event and maybe even future events.

When creating these kind of coupons, you might want to make sure to list the date and time of the event unless you plan on letting the offer be used for later events as well. List the information such as the date, time, and place may help the person remember what it is for if they happen across it after forgetting about it.