It can seem kind of tricky working with special deals that do not always come up like clearance items, rainchecks and those magic spend $xx get $xx ECB.


These items can be tricky because the store will not be selling them anymore. Depending on what you are trying to do, the store manager is probably going to work at his/her discretion. Typically coupons are considered a form of payment. So, if the item is being clearance, you should be able to pay the clearance price minus the coupon value. If the clerk gives you an issue ask to speak to the manger. Sometimes clerks do not understand coupon basics and don’t realize that the manufacturer is the one paying the store. It’s not free.. it’s just being paid for by someone else.


Think of rainchecks like locking in an interest rate. The coupon/check/slip entitles you to the item at the advertized price. You will not be able to use your ebs on that, however you may be allowed to use a manufacture’s coupon.

E.G. – Spend $20 get $5 ECB

If you read the clearance section you may have a handle on this now but many people wonder if this magic “spend” number is what they actually “pay.” The answer is “no.” Imagine your total is what the items ring up for and your coupons are cash money you handed them. Use the total your items ring up to calculate getting to the “spend” amount.

Always check the CVS’ Coupon Policy when in doubt – you can also always call 1-800-EXTRACARE with questions you have.