ECB Sale at CVSWe get a lot of questions from readers of Couponing for the Beginner, one of today’s questions is about combining CVS ExtraCare Bucks.

QUESTION: The reader asks, “Can you combine ECB (ExtraCare Bucks) in one transaction or do you have to buy each item separately to get the ECB to print? When you use the ECB (ExtraCare Bucks) coupon/credit on an ECB item, will you get another ECB offer? Can I get more than one ECB per transaction? Are there limits on the items per transaction?”

ANSWER: The main reason this question is so popular is because of Walgreen’s policies. Their policies are more limiting than those of VS. If you were at Walgeens the answer would be “no” but at CVS it is YES!

So, basically that means you can buy a product with an ECB coupon and get yet another coupon if one is offered currently on the product. Period. There are no every other product restrictions.

There are no limits on how many ECBs you can get per transaction (other than the limit of ECB offers on a particular item – there is usually limit of 1 or 2).  In other words, if mouthwash is on sale for $3.99 and when you buy $10 worth, you get $5 ECB – then you can buy 3 mouthwashes to get your total above $10 to get the $5 ECB, in the same transaction you could buy another item offering an ECB deal that week, but if the mouthwash was a limit of 1, then you will not earn $5 ECB by buying more than 3 mouthwashes.

To receive ECB on the various items offering them that week or month, you do not need to check out with your items separately. It will total them up for you.

Again, there are no limits on those UNLESS there is a posted limit in the ad. Check to make sure. If there is a limit, your receipts will keep track of how many you have used up before that particular offer has expires.

What are your CVS ExtraCare buck questions – please ask away in the comments below.  You can also ask your store’s manager – although not all of them are up-to-date on the policies, so be sure to also take a look at CVS’ Coupon Policy.