We all love to get coupons in the mail, but what happens when those coupons expire before you get to use them? This can be incredibly frustrating and is enough to ruin your day – when you think you’re going to save some money only to realize you’re too late. There’s not really a way for you to get much of a use out of these past the expiration date, so most of us end up tossing them. What else is there to do with them? Luckily, military service members and their families living overseas can still get use out of them. Wouldn’t it be great to donate these expired coupons to support those who so bravely give their lives to protect their fellow citizens?

Coupons can be used for up to six months after their expiration dates in military commissaries that are overseas. If you can no longer use the coupons, there is really no reason not to donate them to someone who can. This is also a great way to do your part in helping out others. All you need is a few cents for postage, and you’re all set. Here are a few addresses of where you can send your coupons:

  • Treshawna Gwendo SSgt, USAF
  • PSC 78 PO Box 2839
  • APO AP 96326
  • Elke Bowyer, CMR 459
  • Unit 27535, Box 32006
  • APO, AE 09139-7535

Contact [email protected] for further information. Use regular envelopes only when mailing to this address.

  • Operation: Coupons
  • Cypress United Methodist Women
  • 9597 Jones Road PMB 367
  • Houston, TX 77065

Please email [email protected] and ask for a guidelines sheet before you mail coupons to this address.