evrewardHave you heard of evreward.com? This is the perfect place to start if you are new to online couponing and are looking for a guide to couponing. This site features a comprehensive collection of saving coupons as well as reward programs (points and miles). And since the site is updated daily, you can be sure that the information on there is up to date as well. The site contains a whole directory of savings and online rewards that can help you save money no matter where you shop. Be it big stores like Sears or specialty stores like Sharper Image, there’s a coupon or deal out there for every occasion and every purchase. In addition, the website also shows you the great ways you can combine offers and discounts to get the maximum savings out of your purchase. For example, if you were to use a coupon for a store where you can earn Air Miles, evreward shows you that as well. Double the savings and double the rewards!

The reason this site is able to offer such cash back is that they are paid a commission by the stores they bring their clientele to (for every client who buys from the store). In addition, for every coupon or deal you use, you can cash in your savings to any cash back account including Ebates or Big Crumbs and even select a rewards program, if you use it, like Air Miles or points cards. What’s more is that you can put some college dollars away for your child, while you learn how to coupon, by having your savings routed to a pre-designated savings account!

This is a good way to learn couponing for the beginner as this site compiles a majority of the online coupons available and compiles it well for easy searching by subject. It outlines coupon values and allows the buyer control over what rewards to collect. This is a huge plus if there are times you forget what rewards you collect. So, start shopping with evreward.com and wait for your savings to start rolling in! Shop AND save!