If you have never used a coupon before, you may be afraid of looking dumb when you start. No worries, let’s go over the basics of what a coupon is and how to use a coupon and save on many items you purchase every time you go to the store.

Coupons are everywhere and they are free. The maker’s of many products offer a discount to get you to buy their product. It comes in the form of a scrap of paper with a barcode on it that tells you how much you can deduct from the store’s price. At the checkout it counts as if you had given the cashier that much money. This does not hurt the store because the store gets paid back by the company offering the discount. If you look at coupons at money, then you will want to cut every one you get your hands on.

In your Sunday paper there are inserts- sheets of slick paper with ads and coupons for many different kinds of products. You can find them for pet products, shampoo, milk, snacks and just about anything you can think of. Just cut the deal out with the bar code- there is often a dotted line indicating where to cut. When you go to do your weekly shopping, then match your coupons up with the brands at the store. When you are done shopping, hand them to the cashier they she will deduct all the savings you have on each of the offer. That is how easy it is to use offers and save money. Once you have seen the savings, you will never want to pay full price for anything again. It is addicting, but in a great way!