StayfreeIf you have ever played any kind of a strategy game or have gone hunting, you can recognize that the best move is not usually the first move available. When you are couponing for a way of life, you find that while sales and specials are exciting, sometimes you want to wait until the deals align before making your move.

Really what you are looking for here is how to perfect the art of stacking. Stacking is when you “stack” more than one kind of deal on another. For example a coupon+ a doubling deal+ a sale price or rewards price= a free product with money leftover. The people who walk away with items for free have usually prepped for awhile. They have clipped massive amounts of coupons and have waited patiently for the items to go on sale. They know there is a way to actually get paid to take the item from the store.

You need to be working with a store that will give a credit for the overage from the coupons. Some stores will only give the free item, which is a little unfair because the manufacturer pays them the value of the coupon. If you are doubling, you need to know if there is a limit on the amount doubled. Then you probably need the item to go on sale, and the sale needs to be good enough that the item will be more than free. When all of these things have happened, the conditions are right to be able to go into the store and get the product and have a little credit towards your other purchases.