Dawn Dishwashing SoapLearning about size is one of the best great coupon tips for beginners. Bigger isn’t always better for savings. For example, if you have a offer for a dollar off any size of Dawn dish soap. The normal size of Dawn soap is ninety nine cents and the larger size is two dollars, then you can get the smaller size of Dawn soap for free. You got the soap and you have one penny to go towards your total bill. If you can get any item for free and have money left over from the offer to go towards your total bill, then this is the way to go. Free money and items by using offers is always the way to go and save.

Check your local store ad and check what the store is offering on sale. Match the sale items to your offers. This is when you use your bulk deals is when the store offers the items on a sale. The other way to work the size principle is to see if the store has a trial size section. If the coupon says “on any size of,” you will be getting a really good return on your coupon.

There are times when buying a larger size is better. An example is buy one, get one deals. You can often get a large bottle of laundry soap for less than a dollar that way. For those deals, you may need to calculate ounces and see where the best savings is, however, as a general rule of thumb with coupons: smaller is better.