Boxtops for EducationMany schools do drives to collect those Boxtops for Education every year. The little pink coupons found on the tops of many products entitles the school to a little bit of money from the company to use towards buying better materials for the school. Call and ask the school if they will be doing a drive and find out when it is. Most of the time each class will have a prize or incentive for the winner.

Depending on the age of your child, you should get them involved in this. You can teach the finer points of extreme couponing while working on this project, passing down what you know about couponing for a way of life. Help them identify products that have these Boxtops for Education and then get out the sales ads and coupons like you normally would. Have your child help cut these out and collect them. If they are old enough, you might consider having them buy the products. This will motivate them to find ways to spend as little as possible and give them a sense of pride.

Be sure not to nick the inner bags of products when cutting them off of the boxes because you will still need to store them most likely. That won’t really be a problem with cans. You may need to incorporate freezer bags if you need to get them off of products like canned biscuits where removing it may compromise the packaging.