DoveSkinVitalizerIf you take the time to sign up in advance, your birthday can be your biggest day to use coupons. There are birthday freebies to be had all over the place and most of them require no purchase at all. Now, this might just have to be the day of the year that you break your diet because restaurants and ice cream stores are waiting to treat you.

Plot out where you want to eat and call ahead to see what they offer and if you need to sign up in advance or use coupons they give out for your birthday. Be sure to email large companies like Proctor and Gamble who will send out a special packet of coupons for your birthday. Ask the manager at your local store if they have any birthday promotions.

Do a little bit of searching on the web. There are sometimes deals that offer you anything from kitchenware to linens if you pay shipping and handling. Even if you don’t feel like extreme couponing that day, if you start looking a bit in advance, you can eat for free all day long and take home some nice treasures to boot.

Do you have any birthday coupon tricks of the trade?  What companies or stores do you know that offer free birthday coupons?