Search & Win

Swagbucks is something you might miss out on when reading your run-of-the-mill beginners guide to couponing. But if you want to be a coupon mom, dad or really anyone, you should get in on this tip while you are learning how to coupon like a pro.

Use the swagbucks search engine to earn points by going to their website and signing up. You can even poke around on there and earn more points. Then you take those points and redeem them for free stuff like $5 Amazon Gift Cards. They will email you the code and you just go redeem it the next time you shop.

If you have a few minutes or you are just one of those people that likes to get on social media sites and do polls, surveys, offers or games, you could be earning points while doing those things. Maybe that could make you feel a little less guilty when you are just poking around doing nothing, really.

Who knew you could do all of the same things you were doing, only now you have a little cash to show for it? Or at least a gift card that is the same as cash.

Here are more ways to earn Swagbucks fast and easy when you’re already couponing: