So maybe you have heard of Swagbucks and have been wondering what it is and how you can get in on it. Maybe you are worried it is one of those sites that takes down your information and sells it to everyone so that you can’t find any real emails in your inbox due to all of the spam that is pouring in.

Luckily it’s really not a scam like that. You completely control how much mail you are getting from them by what you decide to do and what settings you set up when you start or modify your account.

It is really just simply a site where you can earn points by doing your Internet searches and taking some surveys if you decide you feel like it. The way you turn this into cash is by redeeming the points you earn into cash money by buying things with those points.

That’s how you can Get  $5 Amazon Gift Cards. Just search, watch videos, take surveys and earn real gift cards by just poking around for a few minutes a day. If you’d like to try it out, sign up.

Search & Win