So, you have begun couponing and you are up to your gills in extra stuff. You have most likely maxed out your cupboards, closets, the space under all of your furniture and are scared to unload the car lest one of the neighbors sign your family up to appear on the next great hoarding reality TV show. What now?

Well the way most people who get serious about extreme couponing handle this is much like the store does. You need a stockroom for your extra stock. You can use any area of your house to put up some shelves. You can even use a garage as long as it is pest proof or you only store things there that critters can’t get into. As your stash gets bigger, you can start to group like items like bathroom supplies and food on separate shelves so that you can find them easily in your little storehouse.

For extra perishable food you had a coupon for, it would be a good idea to get a second refrigerator and a deep freeze. Take care not to store these outside though. Not out of fear of them being broken into, out of caution that your food does not suffer from fluctuating temperatures or that the appliance starts using more energy because it has to compensate for outdoor temperatures and the sun as well as often not being properly insulated for being in contact with rain or snow.