If you need a perfect place to start couponing as a beginner, start with the Ibotta app. Ibotta is a cool new technology to track all kinds of coupons that you probably could use every day. Ibotta is an app that can be downloaded through the App store. Once downloaded, go through the initial setup for your account and you are all set to access a whole treasure trove of coupons for grocery and various everyday items. Based on your location, you can see all available offers with various coupons available in your area. When you go shopping, just take your phone with you to keep track of your available coupons (the cardinal rule in the guide to couponing is always having your coupons with you).

Buy the items that you want to use the coupons on and come home. This is where the fun starts. Select the coupons that you want to use and scan the barcode off the product as well. Repeat this step for all the coupons you need to use up. The last step is to take a clear picture of your receipt, with the total, and send it off. Viola! You are on your way to getting cash back from coupons. Once processed, Ibotta deposits the money you earned from your coupons into your Paypal account and you have now successfully cashed in your coupons.  In addition, there is also a cool barcode scan feature within this app. It can be used to scan barcodes of products at the supermarket to be sure that you are getting products that fit the coupon.  The reason this feature is great is because it takes the mystery out of what products can be bought with the coupon you have.

While the downside to this app is that you cannot use these coupons immediately while you shop, but on the upside, this app also gives you access to coupons that are otherwise unknown or cannot otherwise be found (this is a very handy tool for those just learning how to coupon). So, take the mystery out of couponing with this handy little app and give it a try today!