SnipSnapWith the growing popularity of the Internet, those of us interested in coupons have another type to utilize. The term “e-coupon” stands for “electronic coupon.” Basically, these are the virtual coupons you get in your email from the stores whose sites you have subscribed to. For example, say you love the Vera Bradley store. You can sign up at their website to receive e-coupons or you can order an item from their online store and they’ll save your email address to send deals to. Some stores like Safeway and CVS allow you to sign up within the store to receive these coupons at home in your email inbox.

CVS also has an app available so that you can access their e-coupons whenever necessary. Other popular couponing apps are SnipSnap, which lets you turn regular coupons into e-coupons, and The Coupon App, which gives you deals on a daily basis for a variety of stores. Another advantage of e-coupons is that you can pair them with printed coupons for extra savings as long as one is a store coupon and the other is a manufacturer coupon.

How Do E-Coupons Work?
With e-coupons, you can opt to print them out or you can just save the coupon to your smart phone. You can also try accessing the coupon through your inbox using the smart phone so that you can display the barcode at the checkout. A lot of people go for the latter option because 1) it’s paperless, so it actually helps the environment in the long run and 2) it’s easy and convenient not to have to cut out coupons from piles of magazines and newspapers. Let the savings begin!