No guide to couponing could be complete without explaining some of the tips for planning future shopping adventures. Couponing for beginners can start out slow, but when you plan ahead, things will get smoother as you go along. Here are Couponing for Beginnersome basic ideas for planning future shopping trips and making them successful.

Stock Up on Coupons: While I am not suggesting that you buy out the corner store’s Sunday papers, or use cartridge upon cartridge of ink printing online coupons, it is important for you to have a decent collection of coupons. Some printable coupons are only available for a short amount of time, so if you see something good, make sure to print it. Finding a way to organize your coupons into categories or a system that works for you will also help you to locate a coupon when you need to make a quick run to the store and don’t have time to search and print coupons right then.

Make a List of Common Household Items: This may sound silly, but you’d be surprised how much of your shopping and consumption is automatic and done without a thought. If you make a list of your most commonly used items, you will be better at spotting relevant coupons and noticing the products in ads. While you make this list, make sure to determine which products that you have specific brand-loyalties. This will help you notice where you are more flexible in terms of brand, opening up a world of new coupons and products for you to try (if the price is right, of course!)

Ad Previews: Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get ahead of the game, but with weekly sales, you actually can. Many stores feature ad previews – a look at the sales ad a few days before it actually comes out. Seeing the ad will help you plan your shopping trip in advance, and set relevant coupons aside. Sometimes stores will show ad previews when you sign up to their newsletter. Other times you can do a Google search for ‘*store name” ad preview’ or ‘*store name* *next week’s date* ad.’