It all starts with little changes in behavior. Don’t leave the house without your coupon binder even if you are just running in the store for a loaf of bread. You never know when you will see something on sale that wasn’t advertised and you have a coupon for. This is an unexpected deal and gets you extra savings. Coupons can keep your family fed when times have become hard. If someone suddenly lost a job or if you hit the lottery today, you should still cut coupons. A penny saved is still a penny!

Never pay full price for something, you could most likely use that money for something else. If you are going to lunch with friends- use coupons. You can normally buy your lunch and a friend’s for just two or three dollars by using deals that you have found either online or in the Sunday insert.

You can be a coupon mom or dad who saves money. Your family will love the goodies you get for free with the deals you catch. For all your kid’s parties at school use offers and save the other parents money. You will have other moms wanting to be a savvy saving mom just like you are. Make a decision to change your life and find those offers you can’t refuse.