Extreme Couponing StockpileSome people who think of extreme couponing, think that you have to devote your life to it because they saw some program about a person who eats, breathes and dreams coupons. While that is a possibility for your life if you so chose, you can coupon without letting it take you over.

The truth is, like everything else in life we chose what to make important. There are people who go to movies all day long every day. Would that stop you from going to a movie every once in a while? Let’s hope not. You can budget as much or as little time on couponing as you desire.

You can still be couponing for a way of life if you only have 1-3 hours a week to spend doing it. For that matter, you could limit your couponing shopping trips to once a month, quarter or year. Most coupons will keep so as long as you are adding to your collection, they will be ready when you are.