Watch out, Google, you may have some upcoming competition! iRazoo is one of the newest search engine sites out there with quite a bit of money-making potential. As a member, you’ll get to earn points by watching videos, filling out surveys, playing games, searching the Internet, and completing offers, much like Swagbucks. This is beyond awesome because most of us already do these things on the Internet for free. After finishing these tasks, these points can then be redeemed in the form of gift cards from some of your favorite places like, Barnes and Noble, Sears, JC Penny, Lowe’s, and CVS.

iRazoo’s search engine is based on results voted on by fellow human beings. If one person finds a particular link to be helpful, they will cast a vote to recommend it to others. The use of prizes in iRazoo simply works as incentive for its members using the search engine. Because of the high amount of rewards given away, membership to iRazoo is by invitation only. Interested readers should check out to talk to current members for a possible invitation.

iRazoo is partnered with several stores and takes that partnership seriously. This is one of the reasons for the invite-only policy, which aims to bring in only extremely interested and motivated individuals who plan to fully utilize the site. The limiting of the membership is also a means to make sure members get sufficient customer service so that they remain happy. To join, you’ll simply need to acquire a referral link from an existing member. Once you have the link, the registration process is pretty straightforward, asking for details like name and age and answers to questions like, “What was your childhood nickname?” When you think of all the gift cards you’ll be receiving as a result of registering for the site, the actual registration doesn’t seem like a big deal at all!

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