If you have not signed up for SavingStar yet, were curious about it or just want to know how it works- here’s a little coupon 101 for you.

  • First: Sign up with the online registration form.
  • Next: Search for the coupons you would like to use. You can do some of it online and then you can also use a mobile app to add some more when you get to the store. They have the mobile app for both android and iphone.
  • Then: Get to a store that has one of those cards you scan for a rewards program. Buy things you found those coupons for. Your receipt won’t show the savings, they will all show up on the website as soon as they are done processing in a few days.
  • Later: After a bit, your Savingstar account will register the amount you saved on things into your online account and you will have a balance there.

From that point you can do just about anything with it. Save baby seals (donate it to a charity), buy a gift card for you or someone else, send it to paypal, or even get cold hard cash in your hand through a bank withdrawal. The minimum to withdraw is only $5, so you will be on your way in no time flat. This is a good program for the weekend couponer to the extreme couponing die-hard coupon diva.

See how you can apply SavingStar to your every day couponing in this video below: