SavingStar – Where the Savings Begin

Imagine a world where you don’t have to spend hours a week sifting through page after page of coupons, cutting out the relevant ones, and then organizing them so that they will be found when needed. Seems like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Well, not so much these days. One service that has found a way around this to make couponing easier is SavingStar.

SavingStar basically works as a coupon app, serving you coupons that are based on your interests and where you shop. They do this by attaching your store loyalty cards to your account. That means if you are a frequent shopper at CVS Pharmacy, SavinStar will display CVS deals and coupons to you.

So not only does SavingStar save you the trouble of flipping through the Sunday advertiser, but it also allows you to go paper-free. The app uses eCoupons, so all you have to do is bring the coupon up within the app, and you’re saved the hassle of cutting anything out. On top of that, it’s much more eco-friendly than traditional coupon techniques. These eCoupons are able to be redeemed at over 24,000 drug and grocery stores across the United States.

The SavingStar app is available for both Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) and Android. Setting up an account is super easy too. Just click this link to sign up today: SavingStar Registration. You can even register with them using your Facebook account if you don’t want to enter all of your information from scratch.

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