Smartphone Couponing – Ibotta, Swagbucks and ShopKick

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, it’s difficult to stay in the game without one. Several applications have recently been created that allow for you to coupon on the go. While smartphones require an investment of cash, these apps for them could help you save money. Instead of having to spend hours each week looking through advertisements and cutting coupons, you can find them on your smartphone. Many of these coupons can even be scanned directly from your phone so you don’t actually have to print them out to redeem them.

One of the companies providing such a product is Swagbucks. Once you’ve signed up with them, you will receive actual “Swag Bucks” for every purchase you make through an affiliate. For example, if you already shop at a certain store, if they are recognized through Swagbucks, you can get Swag Bucks each time you make a purchase with said store. It functions like a cash back program, and when you are ready to redeem your Swag Bucks, they have a store where you can buy books, clothes, home decorations, jewelry, and everything in between.  You can also download their Swagbucks Mobile App where you can earn Swag Bucks by playing the videos on Swagbucks TV.

Another app available for iPhone and Android is Shopkick, which allows its users access to hundreds of deals. Visiting stores will get you “kicks” that can be redeemed. On top of being able to redeem them, you will also receive deals like 20% off from their partner companies.

Ibotta is another popular app that gives users a list of products that there are currently deals for. When you find this product in the store, you can scan its barcode with your phone to make sure it’s the right one. Once you’ve decided on which products you want, you’ll scan them using the app. For each item, you’ll be able to answer a survey question for even added money. Each time you purchase an item that is on Ibotta’s list of deals, you will take a picture of your receipt to confirm the purchase. Based on this, the app will provide you with money back for using their app.