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Target: Guide to Saving Money at Target

2000px-Target_logo.svgIn today’s economy, consumers are constantly searching for ways to save money. This is done either by looking for sales, searching for coupons or just looking for a good deal in a store. Target is one of the world’s most popular department stores and offers consumers numerous ways to save money and promotes itself as being a bargain-friendly store that attracts those shopping on a budget. There are numerous tools available to those looking for discounts.

The Cartwheel App

This is Target’s mobile app and is one of the most popular and best apps available for bargain hunters. It offers a variety of options to make shopping at Target easy and affordable.

The Cartwheel app is simple to use and comes with many useful features. After you download the app and register your Target account, there are countless ways to access coupons and other promotional offers.

The most important and popular tab is the “Offer” tab. This is where you can access hundreds of mobile coupons, arranged by category or via search. Once you find an offer that is of interest to you, you simply ‘add’ the coupon and it will automatically be saved to “My Cartwheel.” Show the coupon app at checkout and the savings will automatically be applied.

Another way to find good or even hidden offers is to go directly to the Cartwheel website. Once you find a coupon you want to redeem just click “add privately”. After you sign in with your Target Account, the offer will connect directly to the app.

Stack Coupons

Target is known as one of the more coupon-friendly department stores within the United States. Target has a lenient stacking policy and accepts printable web coupons, regional print coupons that are found in Target sale ads, and manufacturer coupons. You can combine one Target coupon with one manufacturer coupon and one Cartwheel offer.
Printable coupons from sites such as are permitted but not on free items with no purchase requirements.

We recommend keeping a copy of the store policy regarding couponing handy, just in case one of them questions the amount of coupons being used. If you are lucky enough to receive the same cashier numerous times, try and build rapport with them, so that in the future they are prepared for handling your extreme couponing transactions.

Clearance Sales

There’s no harm in thinking ahead, especially in regards to the holidays. Target stocks up on holidaythemed items and although most products get sold at a premium during the holiday frenzy, not all products actually sell, hence the post-holiday clearance sale. This is the best time to purchase holiday items. Stores need to quickly sell whatever is left and usually have items up to 90% off. If you visit a Target a few days after the holidays, many items are incredibly reduced. Items such as packaged foods or plastic cups and plates are included in this sale as anything with a Christmas color, or Halloween flavored cookies will be considered post-holiday and needs to go.

Many people worry that buying holiday items a year in advance will leave them with out of date decorations. However, there is usually very little difference between holiday decorations year after year. By purchasing items such as gift wrap, lights, decorations or accessories in post-holiday clearance sales rather than before, you are saving up to 90% and avoiding the stores and lineups during the busiest time of the year.

Gift Cards With Purchase

Target has been known to offer a $5 to $10 gift card with purchase on promotional items. This is way to attract people to buy various products (usually cleaning supplies or other household items) and turn them into repeat customers.

In order to get the most out of your gift card, you should be very strategic. Most gift cards can be redeemed on any item in the store, so it is best to use them on items that rarely go on sale or do not usually have coupons.