You love coupons, I love coupons, but the rest of the world… well, not all of them enjoy discounts as much as we do. You may find that cashiers in particular are not a fan of coupons. In order to turn your shopping experience into a less stressful one that isn’t filled with nasty looks from cashiers who see your folder full of discounts, we have some tips:

  • Know the coupon policies of the store you’re at. Some stores are stricter than others about coupons. Some allow you to double up; some allow only one coupon to be used at a time. It just depends on where you’re at. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines that the store follows so that you can avoid mishaps.
  • Grab the correct product. Make sure that the item you have brought to check out matches exactly the item that the coupon is for. If it doesn’t, this could cause some negative back-and-forth between you and the sales clerk.
  • Don’t try to use expired coupons. Check the validity of all of your coupons before you try to use them. An angry cashier is not going to appreciate having to check each and every one of your coupons after they find an expired one. Yikes!
  • Carry your copy of the store ad with you to take advantage of sale prices. Some of these prices don’t get updated within the computer system quickly enough. This means either 1) you won’t save the money you wanted to or 2) you and the cashier are probably going to have it out.

We all love coupons, but they’re not worth a brawl!

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