CVS Coke CouponMost people are familiar with coupons in the newspapers that stores sell, and that arrive in the mail. Most people just toss those coupons away, too. You shouldn’t be that person. Here’s how to organize some coupons to save real money in these trying times:

  1. Always bring the advertisement with you. If the store runs out of product that is specified in the advertisement, you can always ask for a rain check. That means that when the product is back in stock, you can buy it at the price it was advertised as. Be careful not to challenge expiration dates on these, because the stores adhere to them strictly.
  2. Find stores that use double coupons. These paired-up packages ensure that you are getting a serious discount and buying at close to the wholesale price.
  3. Use coupon websites. Available on the Internet, these coupons often don’t appear in print.
  4. Stacking discounts on top of one another can get your groceries on your shelves at home fast and without breaking your budget. Stackable discounts are the final result of using both the store’s coupons and coupons that originate from the distributor.
  5. Use coupon exchange forums to find out about deals and maximize your savings. They have a very specific vocabulary rich with acronyms, so you’ll need to reach and learn some of those to save time.
  6. Don’t forget about circulars. Often, these midweek marketing items appear on Thursday and can be found in local newspapers. Sometimes they’re even spread about town, if you happen to live near one.