CVS Haul 8-30-12 Most of us regularly see offers for refunds when we buy items that are a bit more expensive. The question, however, is: do you take advantage of these refunds? Many people just toss the offers aside, assuming it’s a trick or that they won’t really get any money back. This isn’t the case with all refunds though. Oftentimes, expensive electronic products will give you refunds for between $25 and $100. Fifty dollars or so isn’t much when you’re spending over a thousand on something, but honestly, doesn’t any little bit help (extreme couponers emphatically say “yes”)?

So how does a refund work? A refund, rebate, or promotional offer (whichever name you prefer to call it by) is a business’ chance to thank their customers. These special discounts or rebates you get from them are only because you have purchased their product. It is an effort for them to establish brand loyalty between you and their company. All you have to do is fill out the rebate information on the form you will receive when you purchase certain products. Not all products give refunds, so try doing an online search to find out whether your favorite brands do. Once you fill out the info, you just send it in to the specified mailing address. Most rebates will get back to you within 6-8 weeks. In return for purchasing the brand’s product and filling out the promotional offer, you’ll receive either a rebate (money back), discount (money off of future transactions), or coupons for sister products/brands.

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