shopmium couponing appWe all want to save a little cash and luckily, now there are tons of apps on the market that will help you do it. One of those apps is Shopmium. It allows you to get cash back in your bank just by shopping, or you can even have it given away to your favorite charity. It’s easy; this is how you do it.

First, download the Shopmium app. Then, use it to find great deals on products that you can find at any of your local retailers. Visit the store, purchase your item, and make sure to hold onto that receipt. You’ll need to take a picture of it right after you scan the barcode of the product. That’s your proof of purchase, and it will make sure that you receive your refund in your PayPal or bank account. Of course, you can always choose to give your refund to a charity, and it will be sent to them instead.

But wait, there’s more!

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A free gift just for buying things you already need, and getting a discount on them too? What are you waiting for? Download the Shopmium app today – and don’t forget the referral code to get your free Lindt chocolate bar at the same time!