Coupon InsertsHave you ever seen some of those extreme couponing shows where people are sitting at the table clipping coupons from stacks of inserts? Have you ever wondered how they are fortunate enough to get so many of them? Chances are, they did not actually go out and buy a dozen newspapers. There are a few ways to get the inserts for free, this is one of the necessary coupon tips for beginner’s.

Briefly, it helps to understand how these inserts are done. They are delivered to the newspaper office separately from the newspaper and then “inserted” into the paper before they are taken to their destinations. Just in case some get damaged, more are printed than are needed for the papers. So, this is the first opportunity for there to be excess. To see if you can get your hands on these leftovers, ask to talk to the department that handles distribution. Circulation will probably tell you that you would have to come in and buy papers.

One of three things will happen to the unsold Sunday papers. Either the store will be responsible for getting rid of them usually after cutting off the date line to prove they were unsold, the store will keep them on hand and sell them at a reduced price, or the newspaper carrier will pick them back up when bringing new ones in.

Contact the paper office to find out their policy and see if you can get the extras from them directly. If not, talk to the stores and see if you can make arrangements to pick them up. Lastly, you could get permission from a few apartment management offices to put a coupon box close to the mailbox area for people to donate coupons in. If all else fails, you can buy a few papers if the coupons are really good, but remember to calculate that cost in as an expense and weigh the savings.