CVS HAUL If you haven’t had to use coupons, then you may not understand why it is important. Many men and women have turned to couponing just so they could feed their family. Without doing this, then there may have not been food put on the table or soap to wash with. Couponing has become a way of life for many out of necessity.

Even if you don’t have to clip offers you should just because it is just like money. When you see “save a dollar on toothpaste” or “save two dollars on soda”, then that is like three one dollar bills. Take a stack of coupons, then you can have a hundred dollars in your hands. Would you throw a hundred dollar bill in the trash? If you throw your offers in the trash, then that is exactly what you are doing.

Make this a way of life for your family. Teach your kids how to clip them and redeem them. Get them in the habit of realizing what a dollar really means. Your kids will see that money doesn’t come to one easily. You have to work for it and when you have to use offers and deals to live and survive your kids will appreciate money more.